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Save up to 60% with Restaurant Deals.

Perks Express opens the door to a culinary adventure with restaurant deals. Members enjoy an opportunity to indulge in their favorite types of cuisine and enjoy substantial savings of up to 60%. This exclusive membership ensures that food enthusiasts can savor a diverse range of flavors while keeping their budget intact.

One of the standout features of Perks Express is its extensive network of restaurant deals, available both locally and nationwide. Whether you’re a fan of fine dining or prefer the convenience of fast food, Perks Express has you covered. The array of choices is vast, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Experience the rich flavors of Italian cuisine or the comforting taste of classic pizza. Alternatively, explore the hearty offerings of American fare or the exotic spices of Indian dishes.

For those who appreciate the convenience of dining in, Perks Express extends its benefits to personalized meal subscription services. These innovative platforms allow members to enjoy chef-curated meals delivered right to their doorstep. These savings are not limited to restaurant dining. They also extend to the realm of curated culinary experiences within the comfort of one’s home.

The membership’s versatility is exemplified by the inclusion of hydration options, such as vitamin water, in its exclusive deals. Staying healthy and refreshed is made more accessible with discounted rates on popular beverages. Perks Express understands the importance of a well-balanced lifestyle and provides savings on healthier beverage choices.
Members can prioritize their well-being without straining their budget.

Navigating the culinary landscape with Perks Express is a seamless experience. Members can explore a variety of options through an intuitive platform, ensuring that their culinary desires are met with ease. The platform’s user-friendly interface allows members to effortlessly discover and redeem deals. Buying a membership makes every dining experience a delightful and budget-friendly affair.

The cost savings by Perks Express are a game-changer for individuals who enjoy dining out or indulging in specialty cuisines. The potential to save up to 60% on restaurant bills transforms ordinary meals into extraordinary experiences. Perks Express empowers its members to enjoy more while spending less. Whether it’s a casual lunch, a celebratory dinner, or a quick bite on the go, you’ll save every time.

In conclusion, Perks Express is not just a membership. The membership is a culinary passport that opens doors to a world of delightful dining experiences. From local favorites to nationwide treasures, the platform provides a diverse array of choices to satisfy every palate. Members can relish the joy of dining out or opt for the convenience of curated meals at home. Perks Express members enjoy substantial savings of up to 60%. With Perks Express, every meal becomes a celebration of flavors. The savings add an extra dash of satisfaction to the dining experience.

Meal Subscription Plans

When considering the economics of dining options, a careful comparison between meal delivery and eating out unveils potential cost savings. Also, the promotion of healthier habits. If you find yourself dining out excessively, integrating a meal delivery service into your routine can yield substantial financial benefits. Beyond the immediate monetary savings, this shift can cultivate better culinary habits, fostering a greater inclination towards home-cooked meals. Gradually, you may find that you reserve dining out for special occasions, making each experience more meaningful.

Various meal subscription plans are available to cater to diverse preferences and lifestyles. Among the noteworthy options are Blue Apron, Home Chef, Home Chef Family, Home Bistro, Hello Fresh, Green Chef, CookUnity, Splendid Spoon, and Tempo. And for families with young children who enjoy spending time in the kitchen, there are Radish Kids and Yumble Kids, on-the-go lunches, and snacks. These services not only provide a range of culinary choices but also offer noteworthy savings ranging from 5% to 30%. Some even sweeten the deal with complimentary delivery and free meals, enhancing the overall value for consumers.

Meal subscription plans are versatile and can benefit individuals, families, and students alike. By embracing a Perks Express membership, you unlock significant savings on your daily nutritional expenses. This membership becomes a strategic tool for optimizing your grocery budget while encouraging a shift towards more cost-effective and health-conscious meal options. With a Perks Express membership, the financial benefits extend beyond the immediate. They contributing to a long-term transformation in your dining habits and overall approach to nutrition.

Restaurant deals -

Healthy Water Enhancers

Perks Express members can enjoy significant savings on healthy water enhancers, ensuring both hydration and wellness. With savings ranging from 5% to 33%, Perks Express offers its members a diverse selection of options to cater to their individual preferences for staying hydrated.

Among the featured brands, Kind Water Systems and Purtrek not only provide hydration but also include advanced filtration systems, enhancing the purity of the water consumed. On the other hand, Waterdrop,, and C-Force focus on adding flavor to the hydration experience, offering special bottled water or flavor enhancers. These alternatives allow customers to customize their hydration choices based on their unique lifestyles and preferences.

With a Perks Express membership, the benefits extend beyond cost savings, encompassing the opportunity to explore and adopt healthier hydration practices. Whether opting for a filtration system for pure water or selecting flavored enhancers, Perks Express empowers its members to prioritize their well-being while enjoying exclusive discounts on a variety of healthy water enhancers.

Perks Express members save Big on restaurant deals!

Individuals, families, and students save big on restaurant deals by signing up for Perks Express, saving anywhere from 5% to 60%. Whether you want to dine out, eat in, prepare the meal yourself, or stay hydrated, Perks Express members save significantly. For only $10 a year for students and non-students $25 a year, take advantage of the savings on food and drink. Sign up now and start saving!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Resturants

Perks Express members should call the restaurant of their chose to verify whether or not they need to reserve a table in order to use the restaurant deals. In most cases, customers do not need a reservation but we always suggest a phone call to the restaurant is best.

Perks Express members can call customer service to verify whether or not restaurant deals are exempt on holidays or weekends.

For the quickest and most accurate response please email our Member Support Team at However, you can contact Abenity Customer Support by calling 1-855-ABENITY. (223-6489).

Please note that your question may need to be escalated to our a Member Support Specialist and a ticket will be created for someone to reach back out.

Most restaurants that have participated in the Perks Express program, do not include drinks as part of the restaurant deal unless otherwise noted on the restaurant deal or restaurant coupon. 

Unfortunately, Perks Express members can not combine restaurant deals but members can verify with their server or restaurant management.