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Cinemark Movie Theater Tickets Discount

Unlock unbeatable savings on Cinemark Movie Theater tickets with discount through Perks Express. Members save up to 18% on the best cinematic experiences. Secure your tickets at the lowest prices guaranteed when you join Perks Express. Choose the membership tailored to suit your needs. Students can enjoy a Cinemark student discount for just $10 a year, ensuring affordable access to the latest blockbusters. For individuals seeking year-round savings, the membership fee is $25 annually. Embrace the convenience and affordability of Perks Express, making every movie night an exceptional and budget-friendly experience. Don’t miss out – join today and enjoy the thrill of the big screen without breaking the bank. All Cinemark locations provide the perfect opportunity to maximize your cinematic enjoyment with a Cinemark discount through Perks Express.

Cinemark Platinum eSupersaver Ticket

You can purchase your Cinemark Platinum eSupersaver Ticket through Perk Express. After placing your online order, Perk Express members receive two emails within 24 hours. Members will receive a confirmation email containing the order details of your Cinemark discount tickets. Members will receive a second email containing a printable PDF of the Cinemark Theatres Platinum eSupersaver Ticket.

Redemption Options:

Option 1 – Box Office (Present your eticket at Cinemark theatre): Print and present the eSupersaver ticket at the box office. eSupersaver Tickets contain a unique barcode valid for ONE ENTRY ONLY (1) to the theatre. Once scanned, eSupersaver Tickets are no longer valid and cannot be re-used.

Option 2 – Online, Reserve Your Seat in Advance, $1.50 per seat fee: Online Redemption at To redeem your Cinemark discount ticket, enter both the ticket number and PIN number at checkout. eSupersaver Tickets contain a unique barcode and PIN number valid for ONE USE ONLY (1). Once redeemed online, eSupersaver Tickets become invalid and cannot be used again. Cinemark does not permit online refunds. ALL Cinemark Online Ticket Reservations require an additional $1.50 per seat fee.

Option 3 – App: Convenience fees may apply. In the Perks Express app, select your movie, date, and time. Next, enter the amount of Cinemark tickets you would like to purchase and then select “Add Tickets To Cart.” At the checkout page, you are prompted to add your payment information to complete the purchase. Scroll down to the “Cinemark eSupersaver” section near the bottom, but above the “Complete Purchase” button, enter the eSupersaver code and eSupersaver pin. Hit “Apply Code” to redeem.

Cinemark discount coupons -

Cinemark Screen

As a Perks Express member, you can relish preferred movies at any Cinemark location nationwide. Benefit from Cinemark discount tickets, saving members up to 18% on their movie adventures.

We deliver an unparalleled movie-watching experience that truly captures the essence of filmmaking—BIG (Cinemark). Each visit to a Cinemark theater promises a larger-than-life encounter, featuring the latest in sight, sound, and seating technology. Immerse yourself in the middle of all the action. Feel the vibrancy of every scene and hear every sound effect with breathtaking clarity. Cinemark creates an unforgettable cinematic world where you can truly lose yourself in the magic of the movies.

Cinemark XD

Step into a world of brilliance, resonance, and heightened experience with Cinemark XD (Xtreme Digital). Watch movies as they were meant to be experienced. Each scene bursts to life in an astonishing 35 trillion colors, projected on a wall-to-wall screen. Multi-layered digital surround sound complements movies. It’s an immersive experience like no other – so vivid that you might feel like you need a helmet. Perks Express members can elevate their movie-watching journey on their next visit by upgrading to Cinemark XD. Movie watchers completely immerse themselves in the magic of the cinema.

Cinemark DBOX

Cinemark DBOX transcends the boundary between you and the screen. It delivers a hyper-realistic, immersive experience that draws you deep into the storyline. Your seat synchronizes with the movie, allowing you to feel the power and awe in every scene. Leveraging cutting-edge haptic motion technology, D-BOX provides full-body feedback. It sparks the imagination through motion for an unparalleled cinematic adventure.

Cinemark ScreenX

Perks Express members will immerse themselves in the grandeur of ScreenX. It boasts 270 degrees of stunning visuals across three screens, seamlessly incorporating the theatre’s side walls. Mountains become three times more monumental, deserts three times more vast, and the cosmos three times more immense. ScreenX is not just a viewing experience; it’s a journey into expansive landscapes. Additionally, it’s the exclusive destination to enjoy specially crafted content designed specifically for the unique ScreenX format. Cinemark provides an unparalleled cinematic adventure.

Cinemark IMAX

Cinemark IMAX screens surpass regular screens, being up to six times larger and displaying up to 40% more picture due to an exclusive aspect ratio. Equipped with special digital and film cameras featuring the world’s largest resolution format, IMAX ensures an unparalleled level of clarity and detail. You are enveloped in the film with a maximized field of view in IMAX theaters. The projectors deliver brighter, more dazzling colors, and the patented, custom-designed sound systems reach an entire octave lower than traditional speakers. With IMAX, the cinema experience becomes a sensory journey that goes far beyond mere size

Cinemark Food

Perks Express members can jump the line for movie snacks with Cinemark Food! No more waiting at the concession stand. Order online to have your movie theater concessions snacks and drinks delivered to your seat or made fresh upon arrival. It’s the smart, convenient way to get settled into your seat faster and primed for big-screen thrills.

In Dine-In Theatres, experience delicious seat-side deliveries with Cinemark Food. With Mobile Ordering, you can conveniently order a full meal or classic concessions from the comfort of your Luxury Lounger. Enjoy hot and fresh deliveries while you watch your movie.  Choose from your favorite snacks or make it a movie night dinner with options like pizza, quesadillas, chicken tenders, and more from our full menu. Elevate your cinema experience with Cinemark Food, ensuring a seamless and delectable movie night.

Indulge in the timeless appeal of Classic Concessions at Cinemark. Treat yourself to fresh-popped Cinemark popcorn, movie theatre candy, and refreshing sodas like Coca-Cola. Elevate your experience with expanded options, including mouth-watering pizza, hot dogs, and chicken sandwiches. Enjoy the perfect blend of your favorite Cinemark Food and traditional movie snacks for a truly satisfying movie night.

Indulge in the cinematic experience as you relax with your favorite cocktail drinks at Cinemark Bars. Select movie theaters with a bar offer a variety, including beer, wine, margaritas, and more. Enjoy the show responsibly, remembering that alcohol sales or service is prohibited for individuals under 21. Elevate your movie night with Cinemark Food, enhancing both the film and your overall entertainment experience.

Cinemark discount coupons -

Cinemark Terms and Conditions for Platinum eSupersaver Tickets


e-Supersaver Tickets boast a perpetual validity with no expiration date. Additional premiums may be applicable for specially priced films or events exceeding normal box office ticket pricing, such as XD, 3D, D-Box, or IMAX Films. You will receive non-refundable and non-redeemable electronic tickets that cannot be exchanged or refunded for cash. These tickets will be emailed to you for printing. Please allow 5 minutes to 24 business hours for delivery. All electronic items are non-refundable, with no exchanges available. 


The average national retail price determines the discount percentage for this theater chain, with variations based on local market pricing. If applied to a more expensive ticket (IMAX, 3D, etc.), the value will match that of a standard ticket at the theater, potentially differing from the amount paid to Perks Express. Plan ahead to ensure timely receipt of your items and a seamless movie-going experience.

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Cinemark Questions and Answers

After placing your order online you will receive 2 Emails (within 24 hours): a Confirmation Email containing the order details of your purchase and a second email containing a Printable PDF of your Cinemark Theatres Platinum e-Supersaver Ticket.

Redemption Options:

Option 1: Print & present original e-Supersaver Ticket at the box office located in the theatre. e-Supersaver Ticket contains a unique barcode valid for ONE ENTRY ONLY (1) to the theatre. Once scanned, the e-Supersaver Ticket is no longer valid and cannot be re-used.

Option 2: Online Redemption at To redeem, enter both ticket number and PIN number at checkout. e-Supersaver Ticket contains a unique barcode and PIN number valid for ONE USE ONLY (1). Once scanned, the e-Supersaver Ticket is no longer valid and cannot be re-used. We do not permit online refunds.

Option 3 – App: Convenience fees may apply.

In the app, select your movie, date, and time. Next, enter the amount of tickets you would like to purchase and then select “Add Tickets To Cart.” When you reach the checkout page, scroll down to the “Cinemark Supersaver” section near the bottom, and then enter your payment information in that section to complete the purchase, rather than above the “Complete Purchase” button. Enter in the Supersaver Code and Supersaver Pin. Hit “Apply Code” to redeem.

Whether you order tickets through the website or app, we provide up to date security for your transaction on our platform. Perks Express keeps your transaction and your private information private and safe.

You can use your Cinemark movie tickets anytime after purchasing. Valid for any movie, any time. Platinum eSupersaver tickets are good for 1 box office admission.

Specially priced films and/or events may require additional premiums. Normal box office ticket pricing may be lower than those for XD, 3D, D-Box, or IMAX films at Cinemark Theatres. eSupersaver movie tickets can be used to purchase discounted tickets at any participating Cinemark Theatre in the country.

Cinemark movie tickets through Perks Express are non-refundable. You cannot redeem or exchange these movie tickets for cash.

The Cinemark Standard:

Including high-touch areas throughout the theatre.

Every 30 minutes during operating hours, Cinemark cleans the restrooms. These include door handles, toilets, handles, sinks, countertops, soap dispensers, faucets and baby-changing stations. Before every showtime, we carefully clean the auditoriums.

Cinemark designs its stringent air quality standards to supply an abundant amount of fresh outdoor air. Our system maintains optimal air circulation, eliminates potential pollutants, and provides our guests with a comfortable temperature and humidity level.

Increased fresh-air rate. We are substantially raising the fresh-air rate of our building HVAC systems by constantly utilizing supply fans to increase the total volume of fresh, outside air flowing into our theatres.

Smart-flow air circulation design. The HVAC system in each auditorium of the theatre consistently diffuses fresh air from the ceiling down toward the floor and returns it to the filtration equipment for constant air refreshment.

Elimination of pollutants. Cinemark has upgraded to MERV 13 filters in each auditorium’s HVAC system to capture the majority of particles and pollutants. Our vacuums have HEPA filters identified to trap at least 99.97% of microscopic particles, including viruses such as COVID-19.

For the safety of our communities all theatre employees will complete enhanced training on cleaning and food handling.

Hand sanitizer is available at throughout the theatre.

If you’re unable to attend your movie, request a contactless refund online in our app or call 1-800-CINEMARK. Learn more about our refund policy.

We encourage you to purchase tickets online, which will allow for a more contactless in-theatre experience. Just show your ticket and be on your way.

Cinemark updates its website with information about any increases in viral transmissions and makes it a priority to inform the public.  This active version assumes that Cinemark is the one responsible for updating its website with the information and communicating it to the public. Please visit Cinemark for more information and to stay informed.