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Get a rewards program for your organization now! In today’s competitive business landscape, companies, colleges, and universities are constantly looking for ways to boost employee and student morale. Increase retention rates, and enhance productivity through Perks Express. One powerful tool that has proven to be effective is the implementation of Perks Express employee rewards programs. By unlocking the power of this program, organizations can create a positive and motivating work and study environment. It will encourage employee engagement and loyalty.

This employee rewards program is customized to fit your organization’s budget. Moreover, employee rewards programs have a direct impact on productivity. When employees feel recognized and rewarded for their efforts, they are motivated to perform at their best. They strive for excellence. Offer them discounts on everything from movies, hotels, car rentals, and restaurants. This leads to increased productivity levels, improved job satisfaction, and a higher quality of work.

Contact Perks Express today and explore the benefits of employee rewards programs in detail. Leverage the power of employee rewards. Build a thriving organization that stands out from the competition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Employee rewards program can be customized to your organization’s needs. Employees of corporations and affiliates of organizations, such as credit unions, school districts, or universities can save with every purchase. Perks Express website or app makes it easy to make purchases. This savings platform provides substantial savings on admission to amusement parks, water parks, movie tickets, zoos, museums, restaurants and more. When on vacation, these kinds of attractions are what people enjoy with savings of up to 55%.

We’ve been in business for over 10 years. We know how important it is for your employees, staff and students to have time off from work and studying. 

A partnership with Perks Express can save your organization on discounted food, services and activities of up to 55%. This employee rewards program is perfect for employees of U.S. corporations, affiliates of other organizations, such as credit unions, school districts, or universities.

Perks Express offers local and nationwide discounts on products, services, activities and food. Employees, staff and students will find discounts on fun activities such as Disneyland, Six Flags, zoos and museums. Members can eat out locally or nationwide and find restaurant discounts and enjoy their favorite cuisine. There are discounts to Indian, Italian, American, Mexican and French restaurants. When traveling, members will find hotel deals and car rental discounts to make traveling a breeze. That’s just the beginning.

For Perks Express members, finding discounts is easy. The Perks Express website is easy to use but if members prefer, they can download the Perks Express mobile app. It is available for download through the Apple Store or Google Play.

Many members love Perks Express and its member deals program. To submit a review, please use the Contact Us page and include your review. We are happy to publish it on our website.