How can Employers benefit from Perks Express?

Perks Express is a robust system of discounts and wellness rewards. The rewards of a healthy lifestyle are vast, and the Perks Express Wellness Rewards programs is here to help Employees to improve their health and well-being. Whether it’s looking to eat healthier, get in shape, manage finances, or find new ways to give back to the community, the employee will find it in the Wellness Rewards program.

Our services

Perks & Discount Program

Managing your money means spending it wisely. Through your discount program you have access to thousands of discounts and over $4,500 in savings.


When life presents the worst case scenario, adequate insurance helps you offset costs and transfer risk away from you. Take advantage of group insurance rates to prepare for the unexpected circumstances in life.

The Basics

Learn the fundamentals of finance and put yourself on a course of stability while you manage your money with purpose.

Credit Report

Be proactive and fight identity-theft by monitoring and reviewing your credit report annually.


You have access to a collection of financial resources to protect your idenity, build wealth, pay off debt and more.

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