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Car Rentals Best Deals. Save from 20% to 35%!

Looking to save on your next car rental? Look no further! Perks Express offers members the best deals and strategies for maximizing savings on car rentals. Planning a road trip or needing temporary wheels? Affordable rental options can significantly impact your budget, ensuring a cost-effective journey. We understand that everyone’s needs and preferences are different, so we’ve done the research to provide you with a variety of options that cater to various budgets and travel plans.

From top car rental agencies like National, Payless to Enterprise to lesser-known providers, we offer you choices, helping you make an informed decision that saves you from 20% to 35%. Perks Express members are offered discounts and promotional offers that can further reduce their car rental costs. Perks Express members can get ready to rev up their savings and hit the road with confidence, knowing they’ve scored the best deal on a car rental.

Lysol Partner

Perks Express believes, “Ensuring your safety remains our utmost priority.” In collaboration with Lysol® and Hip Hop Public Health, we take the lead in ensuring your family’s safety with the help of the renowned disinfectant brand Lysol®. We commit to implementing optimal disinfection protocols for car rentals, providing comprehensive training to our staff, and ensuring your well-being. Esteemed senior medical professionals from Columbia University and other reputable institutions advise on medical matters as part of a Medical Advisory Council.

For detailed insights into the car rental agency’s elevated standards of cleanliness and safety measures, we invite you to explore further at and Your trust is paramount, and our partners remain dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene throughout your experience with them.

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In need of professional auto body work and repair for your vehicle? Look no further – Abra in Minnesota is here to assist. As a valued Perks Express customer, you have the opportunity to save on car body repairs with our exclusive offer. For every $700 spent on collision repair at Abra, Perks Express customers are eligible to receive a complimentary 1-day car rental. This special promotion not only ensures top-notch repairs for your vehicle but also provides added convenience with a free rental during the process. Trust Abra for quality auto body services, and take advantage of this limited-time offer to enhance your repair experience while enjoying the benefits of a complimentary rental. Your satisfaction and convenience are our priorities at Abra in Minnesota.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Car Rentals

Alamo’s discount is applicable solely to time and mileage charges at participating locations in the United States or Canada. You must make a 24-hour advance reservation, and this discount cannot be combined with other promotions. Renters must adhere to standard age, driver, and credit requirements. Additional costs include taxes, government-imposed surcharges (up to 24%), license recoupment fees (up to $2 per day or 6%), airport fees (up to $4.50 per day or $15 per rental), refueling, additional driver fee, one-way rental charge, and optional items (e.g., CDW Waiver Savers® up to $29.99 per day).

At certain on-airport locations, up to 12% in concession recoupment fees may be applied. For off-airport locations with shuttle bus service, an additional 11.11% can be added to the rental rate. Other surcharges and recoupment fees may be applicable. Renters of US rentals should check their insurance and/or credit card for coverage on rental vehicle protection. Non-US reservations require a 24-hour advance booking, with limited availability. Terms are subject to change without notice, and blackout dates may apply. This offer is void where prohibited.

The Enterprise car rental discount is applicable to vehicles reserved in advance for rentals lasting up to thirty (30) days at participating locations in the United States and Canada. To obtain details about participating locations, contact 1-800-Rent-A-Car. At the time of reservation, you will find the displayed rates or by calling 1-800-Rent-A-Car. Weekly rates may be applicable depending on the rental duration or for extended rental needs. No other coupon, offer, weekend special rate, or discounted rate can be combined with this offer.

Vehicle availability is subject to conditions. Taxes, government-imposed surcharges (including GST/VAT), license and concession recoupment fees, airport and airport facility fees, fuel, additional driver fee, one-way rental charge, and optional items are separate charges not influenced by the discount offer. Renters and additional drivers must meet the standard rental qualifications of the renting branch. Other restrictions, including holiday and blackout dates, may apply. Terms are subject to change without notice, and non-US reservations require a 24-hour advance booking. Pick-up and drop-off services are subject to geographic and other restrictions. This offer is void where prohibited.

The National car rental policy discount pertains solely to the base rate and is applicable at participating locations in the United States or Canada. Charges such as taxes, government-authorized or imposed surcharges (including GST/VAT), license and concession recoupment fees, airport and airport facility fees, fuel, additional driver fee, one-way rental charge, and optional items are distinct charges unaffected by the discount offer. Renters in the US should verify if their insurance or credit card provides coverage for rental vehicles. The renter must comply with standard age, driver, and credit requirements. A 24-hour advance reservation is mandatory. This discount offer is not valid in conjunction with any other discount or promotional rate. Limited availability and subject to change without notice. Non-US reservations necessitate a 24-hour advance booking. Blackout dates may be applicable. This offer is void where prohibited.

You rent a car with a full tank from most car rental companies, and you are required to return it with a full tank. Failing to do so results in the rental company filling the tank and adding the fuel cost to your bill at a per-gallon rate considerably higher than prevailing market rates. To avoid this, ask the rental agent for the nearest gas station to your drop-off location and ensure you refuel before returning the car. Some companies may offer a pre-paid fuel option, allowing you to purchase fuel at a predetermined rate per gallon, often lower than the current average price. This could be a practical choice if you anticipate using a full tank.

Considering whether to opt for rental car insurance is a crucial decision, and the best approach is to contact your personal car insurance provider for a comprehensive understanding of your coverage, exclusions, and state-specific regulations. Directly engaging with your insurance company provides the necessary insights to make an informed decision when renting a vehicle. Researching your policy and evaluating the offerings of the rental company in advance is prudent.

Determining the need for additional insurance is a matter of personal preference. Rental agents often provide additional coverage for vehicle damage (collision), while the basic insurance primarily addresses injuries (liability). If you decide against purchasing the extra insurance and your personal coverage doesn’t extend to damages, you could potentially be responsible for covering expenses out of your own pocket in the event of an incident. It’s crucial to assess your specific travel requirements and weigh the costs and benefits before making a decision. Actively, you need to secure sufficient coverage when required without incurring unnecessary expenses when it’s not essential.

Determining the optimal time to book a rental car involves considering your priorities. If securing the best deal is your primary concern, waiting until the last minute may yield favorable prices. However, if having a broader selection of vehicles is crucial, booking sooner is advisable.

Last-minute bookings often offer the most competitive prices, especially if you have flexibility in your plans. However, there’s a risk of availability issues as popular options may sell out. While waiting until the last minute can sometimes be advantageous, it’s not a universally recommended strategy.

In general, reserving a rental car well in advance is a prudent approach. Rental car companies typically offer competitive rates 2-3 months ahead, with close attention to pricing dynamics during peak periods like holiday weekends. For those who prefer not to wait, securing a rental car at the time of planning the overall travel itinerary, especially when booking a flight, is a proactive strategy. This ensures availability and allows for a seamless experience, particularly when picking up the rental car at the airport.